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Accent Reduction, Voice and Speech (BTS accessible)
Who should you take accent reduction?

We have become an international community.
People communicating across the globe.
For the most part in English, but all with different accents.
With that, problems have arisen with being understood
Sometimes this is due to having a heavy accent.

Sometimes it's not just the accent but the voice itself,
or speech (speaking pattern).
Sometimes it's a native English speaker,
that nobody understands when they speak.

I assess the problem, whether it's to reduce one's accent,
give exercises to strengthen the vocal muscles
or being in touch with the rhythm, intonation, inflection of English.

My work in accent reduction, voice and speech is beneficial for English students,
people working in international companies, hotels, call centers, trainers, presenters,
university professors, teachers, therapists, actors, lawyers,etc..

Who qualifies?
Accent reduction classes/ coaching should be for anyone who has a comfortable grasp
and is fluent in the English language.
The focus will be only in understandable pronunciation.
None of the other English skills will be taught or worked on.

What is Accent Reduction:
The goal is not 'necessarily' to speak with an American or British English accent,
nor is it to lose your own.
The sole purpose is to be understood in English.
For example, Jackie Chan's first Hollywood movie was 'dubbed' ,
as no one could understand him.
so he hired an accent reduction coach to reduce his accent (not get rid of it).

It is to reduce and/or modify your own accent.
As mentioned before, sometimes the work is solely with the voice apparatus or speech patterns.
I use unique exercises/techniques that English speaking actors and voice actors use all the time
to polish their diction, enunciation, articulation, vocal pattern (intonation/inflection),etc.

Note: Regular ESL teachers typically do not have the qualifications to teach or coach accent reduction,
voice or speech, it goes beyond typical ESL pronunciation work.
The qualifications are either speech therapy or theater training.
In proper theater training, one takes speech courses that teach all aspects of speech,
voice and accent,including the science and anatomy of the voice apparatus, which tends to go beyond speech therapy.

I was a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in N.Y.,
where I had rigorous speech and accent classes,
and have continued learning new approaches throughout the years.
I have worked decades as a voice over actor, where I use the same exercises that I use for my students.
I also have taught (and continue to teach) English for over 12years.

I have coached accent reduction,speech,voice for corporate executives, lawyers,
TV presenters,
call centers, hotels, university professors, actors.
I have been on-site voice coach on numerous movies i.e. Cooktales, Hangover 2,etc..

For more information, please respond via this ad.
Looking forward to working with.

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